Field Of Dreams game

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Field Of Dreams game

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Currently watching the ramp-up of the Field of Dreams game between the White Sox and the hated Cuntfucks, err, Yankees...and it is actually inspiring my old passion for MLB that I loved so long ago (but have hated recently, except for my Rays).

It reminded me back to the good days of MLB...before the protests, before the kneelings, before the annual "who the fuck is THIS guy?" on the roster...back to when the players played simply for the love of the game. It brought me back to a day when baseball transcended politics and life itself. While my younger Bucs fans here are probably asking "Mac, WTF are you talking about?!" older Bucs fans here are probably replying "Mac, I hear you, brother!"

I'm certainly not casting aspirations on today's young MLB fan...I'm simply rekindling the magic of this old MLB fan. One day, the young fan will understand where I am coming from here...

But to me, this night/game is magic.
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Re: Field Of Dreams game

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It was pretty awesome. I loved the entrance and how fitting that a walk-off ended it.
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